• Transportation

Our means of transportation

    Airport Transfers

All of our Costa Rica Pass trips include airport transfers at the beginning of your travel. You can board your plane calmly, knowing that we will be waiting for you upon arrival in Costa Rica and bring you to your first hotel. Our guide speaks your language and will update you with important information about your journey. Furthermore, they will pass on information about safe and sustainable travel in Costa Rica. If you have questions about your travel arrangements, ask your guide. Together with other guests, we will drive you to your hotel in San José, ensuring that you begin your travel with Costa Rica Pass relaxed and informed!
    Shuttle Transfers

Would you like to be brought from destination to destination, to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride? If so, you should choose our shuttle transfers. With this option, our driver will pick you up at a set time in the lobby of your hotel, and will drive you, together with other guests, to your next destination directly to your confirmed hotel. You will receive comfortable door-to-door service in modern mini-buses that hold up to 10 people. On all routes, we include one stop at well-located and secure service area. It may be necessary to change to another bus during the service break. If so, your driver will let you know, and he’ll take care of reloading your luggage. One piece of luggage and one hand luggage per person is included free of charge. With regard to our commitment to sustainable tourism, all CO2 emissions of our shuttle bus network are being compensated 100% with reforestation projects!
    Rental Cars

Do you prefer to travel individually? If so, we recommend the option of a rental car. Our Costa Rica Pass trips automatically include an SUV with a higher ground clearance, which offers you and three other travelers more comfort on the uneven roads of Costa Rica. The rental car will be brought to you at your hotel after your first night in San José, and it includes our drive relaxed insurance, which offers you the highest possible coverage without a deductible, in addition to competent help on the road. Even further, you’ll receive a mobile phone for local phone calls and a Wi-Fi hot spot that allows you to connect your devices and be online, and to use navigation tools. All you need to start your rental car adventure in Costa Rica is your passport that shows your entrance stamp to Costa Rica, a valid credit card, and your home country driver’s license. The deposit that will be blocked by the rental company on your credit card is minimal – about $100 USD – and a second driver is free of charge. You will enjoy unlimited kilometers during your whole journey. Read here about our rental car terms and conditions (guaranteed without fine print). If you need more space, just let us know and we will arrange the rental car category of your choice.

Costa Rica Pass tip: You can be absolutely sure about the fact that rental cars with Costa Rica Pass always include 100% liability coverage for material damages. Other agencies often only offer 80%; a detailed comparison of the terms and conditions may be worth it!

Detailed rental car terms and conditions COSTA RICA PASS

The Costa Rica Pass Packages include rental cars in the category “SUV Intermediate 2WD (Q)” Adobe Rent a Car.

Possible brands of this category:

Hyundai Creta, Hyundai Tucson o similar

  • Gear change: Manual
  • Maximum adults: 4
  • Motor: 2000 CC
  • 4WD: No
  • Doors: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Luggage: 2 large, 2 medium, 1 small
  • Included insurance package: Drive Relaxed Package

This package includes:

1. Insurance PLI (Primary Liability for Third Party Damages)
This liability insurance covers:
  • Third party liability in case of injury or death: USD $100,000 per case
  • Liability for material damage of third party property: maximum USD $20,000
Other insurances that are purchased on the internet or outside of Costa Rica cannot be accepted.

2. Insurance LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)
This insurance is mandatory:
The LDW insurance covers damages to the car which are higher than the deductible of USD $1,000 that would apply if you would buy just this insurance. It also applies in case of theft of the vehicle.
The insurance does not cover:
  • Loss of keys, license plate or car registration papers
  • Damage from vandalism, partial theft, damages to front windshield, head lights/rear lights and tires, towing service, and recovery of the car in case of an accident.

3. Insurance SPP (Supplemental Protection Plan)
This liability insurance covers:
This insurance is ideal for risk coverage. The additional insurance reduces the deductible to zero and raises the general liability to $5 million USD per case. The deposit for this insurance is USD $100. Also covered by this insurance are damages from vandalism, partial theft, damages to the front windshield, head lights/rear lights, tires, towing service, and recovery of the car in case of an accident. This additional insurance, however, does not cover the loss of keys, license plate or car registration papers.

4. Mobile phone
With your rental car, you get a mobile phone with a credit of about 60 minutes in national phone calls. It’s a prepaid mobile phone and can be recharged in nearly all supermarkets if you use up the included balance. It has to be returned together with the rental car.

5. Hot spot
You get a small and compact hot spot device with which you are able to connect up to 5 devices such as mobile phones, computers, or tablets. The signal and the speed of the Wi-Fi varies from town to town, but our experience shows that navigation and messenger services work well in most parts of Costa Rica.

6. Free Road Assistance Program
  • Road assistance 24 hours and 365 days/year in case of car problems or accidents, across the entire country; fast service according to the closest service center. In case the rental car breaks down, the transfer to your next destination is guaranteed; there you will receive a replacement vehicle (repair/change of a flat tire is excluded).
  • Basic roadside assistance on-site in case of battery discharge
  • Locksmith service if keys are locked inside the car
  • Ambulance service for a medical emergency in case of an accident
  • Assistance of a bilingual telephone operator
  • Not included: Changing a flat tire


The deposit that will be blocked upon receiving your rental car: USD $100 for all rental car types, with credit card
(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club)
Limits of the insurance coverage
None of the above-mentioned insurances covers any cost in case of damage of the car or to third parties due to careless behavior, if:
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Damages are caused by a driver who is not registered as a driver in the contract;
  • If you cause damage by sinking the vehicle into the sea, lagoons, lakes and rivers, speeding on bad roads, and driving on roads unsuitable for your car;
  • If your car gets stolen due to careless parking;
  • If you cannot show both the police report and the National Insurance Company (INS) report after an accident with your car. Both reports are imperative for reporting the damage to the insurance company.
If damage to a car is caused due to careless behavior, there won’t be ANY INSURANCE COVERAGE at all, and the complete cost of the damage, not limited to the deposit amount, must be paid by the person responsible for renting the car.

General Conditions for Adobe Rent a Car

  • The rates mentioned are valid from/to San José.
  • Unlimited mileage is included in all rates.
  • The minimum age of the driver is 21 years. The driver must hold his/her driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years. In case this requirement is not met, the minimum age is raised for the missing period.
  • The maximum age of the driver is 75 years.
  • A deposit of USD $100 (independent of car type) must be paid by the customer by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) when renting the car. Debit cards, cash, or traveler’s checks will not be accepted as a deposit.
  • Your domestic driver’s license, together with the entrance stamp into Costa Rica in your passport, is valid in Costa Rica for a maximum of 3 months (after arrival in the country).
  • We reserve the right to deliver similar car types to those described.

Careless driving behavior (negligence):

None of the above-mentioned insurances covers any cost in case of damage to the car or to third parties due to careless behavior.
(See section: Limits of the insurance coverage)
  • The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel as specified in the contract.
  • There are no refunds in case the vehicle is returned prior to the date stated in the reservation request.

For late drop-offs:

A tolerance limit of 1 hour applies. For the following second and third hour of delay, an hourly rate is charged; and starting from the fourth hour, an additional rental day has to be paid.

Always remember that it is essential to drive responsibly and attentively, especially on unknown roads!