Juan Castro Blanco National Park

Located northwest of the Central Valley, the Juan Castro Blanco National Park protects mid-elevation rainforest and high altitude cloud forest on the slopes of three extinct volcanoes:  Porvenir (2,267 m / 7,438 ft), Platanar (2,183 m / 7,162 ft), and El Viejo (2,122 m / 6,962 ft).

It is known as the “park of the waters” because of the number of important rivers that are born within its boundaries, including the Toro, Aguas Zarcas, Tres Amigos, Platanar and La Vieja. The park also protects primary forest in different habitats and abundant animal and plant species.

 This region was originally protected after the local community protested against a transnational company that wanted to build a sulfur mine, which would have caused great contamination and damaged important water sources.