Chirripo National Park

Chirripo National Park is home to Costa Rica’s tallest mountain, Mt. Chirripo, which rises to 3,820 m (12,533 ft). Positioned in the heart of the Talamanca Mountain Range in south-central Costa Rica, the 50,150-hectare (123,923 acre) national park offers some of the greatest ecological diversity in the country,

encompassing rainforest, cloud forest, and tropical alpine tundra called “paramo”. About 400 species of birds and 260 kinds of amphibians have been identified here. The park is full of sites of incomparable beauty, such as the summit of Chirripó, which is surrounded by several lakes of glacial origin and imposing rocky crags called “the crestones”. Chirripo National Park is one of the best places in Costa Rica to visit if you like hiking and nature.